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* MA in Latin and Greek (University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1988)
* Awarded the University of Copenhagen's Gold Medal for MA dissertation on Latin Wedding Poems in Sixteenth-Century Denmark (1988)
* Ph.D. in Classical Philology and the History of Rhetoric (University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1993)

* Research Fellow/Associate Research Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Copenhagen, 1993-1996/1997-2001
* Associate Professor of Rhetoric at the University of Örebro, Sweden, 2004
* Affiliated to the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, 2006-2008

* Founder (in 1999) and president (1999-2011) of the Nordic Network for the History of Rhetoric.
* Editor and publisher (2002-) of the book series Nordic Studies in the History of Rhetoric.
* Founder, general editor, and publisher (2003-2011) of Rhetorical Review, The Electronic Review of Books on the History of Rhetoric (ISSN: 1901-2640).

* Member (1999-2005) of the board of The International Society for the History of Rhetoric, (member of the ISHR Council 1999-2003; of the ISHR Nominating Committee 2003-2005).
* Member of the Editorial Board of ISHR's journal Rhetorica, 2003-2011.

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My research focuses on: (1) the history of rhetoric; (2) Neo-Latin language and literature; (3) the problem of academic plagiarism

(The letter 'E' in the following lists of publications indicates that the publication in question contains text edition.)


(1) Publications on the history of rhetoric:

* Review of Alessandro Daneloni: Poliziano e il testo dell'Institutio oratoria (Messina 2001), in Rhetorical Review: The Electronic Review of Books on the History of Rhetoric, 7:3 (October 2009), pp. 1-5.

* "Lögn och retorik i antiken. Får talaren ljuga?", RetorikMagasinet (Sweden) 39/40 (2008), pp. 12-17.

* Rhetoric and Literature in Finland and Sweden, 1600-1900, Nordic Studies in the History of Rhetoric, vol. 2, ed. by Pernille Harsting and Jon Viklund (Copenhagen: Nordisk Netværk for Retorikkens Historie [NNRH], 2008), ISBN: 987-87-988829-1-6, 241 pages.

* Introduction on Cicero and Lucian to a special issue of Rhetorica Scandinavica on 'Rhetoric and Historiography': Minitema: Retorik og historieskrivning, ed. by Pernille Harsting = Rhetorica Scandinavica 28 (2003), pp. 4-33 (Introduction: pp. 4-8).

* "Melanchthon, epideiktisk retorik og lejlighedsdigtning i 1500-tallets Danmark", Rhetorica Scandinavica 24 (2002), pp. 35-49.

* Ten Nordic Studies in the History of Rhetoric, Nordic Studies in the History of Rhetoric, vol. 1, ed. by Pernille Harsting and Stefan Ekman (Copenhagen: Nordisk Netværk for Retorikkens Historie [NNRH], 2002), ISBN: 87-988829-0-2, 175 pages.

* "The Discovery of Late-Classical Epideictic Theory in the Italian Renaissance", in Pernille Harsting & Stefan Ekman (eds.),Ten Nordic Studies in the History of Rhetoric [= Nordic Studies in the History of Rhetoric vol. 1] (Copenhagen: NNRH, 2002), pp. 39-53.

* "Marcus Fabius Quintilianus om efterligning og om originalitet. Indledning til og dansk oversættelse af Institutio oratoria X.2", [in the web journal] Aigis 1:2 (Copenhagen): <,2/Harst.Quint.indl.pdf> and <,2/Harst.Quint.overs.pdf>, 5+5 pages.

* "More Evidence of Menander Rhetor on the Epithalamium: Angelo Poliziano's Transcription in the Statius Commentary (1480-81), Re-edited with a Discussion of the Manuscript Sources and Earlier Editions", Cahiers de l'Institut du Moyen-Age Grec et Latin (= CIMAGL) 72 (Copenhagen 2001), pp. 11-34. (E)

* "More Evidence of the Earliest Translation of Menander Rhetor on the Monody", CIMAGL 70 (Copenhagen 1999), pp. 3-12. (E)

* "Quintilian, Imitation, and 'Anxiety of Influence'", in Quintiliano: Historia y Actualidad de la Retórica, ed. by Tomás Albaladejo (Logroño 1998), pp. 1325-1336.

* "Two Renaissance Translations of Menander Rhetor on the Monody. Edited with a Note on the Introduction of the Genre in the Latin West", CIMAGL 67 (Copenhagen 1997), pp. 13-32. (E)

* "The Golden Method of Menander Rhetor. The Translations and the Reception of the peri epideiktikon in the Italian Renaissance", ARID 20 (Rome: Bretschneider, 1994), pp. 139-157. (E)

* "The Work of Menander Rhetor in Italy in the Renaissance: The First Translation?", Res publica litterarum 14 (Kansas 1991) and Studi Umanistici Piceni 11 (Sassoferrato 1991), pp. 69-73. (E)


(2) Publications on Neo-Latin language and literature:

* "What's in A Title Page? Title-Page Topics of Neo-Latin Epithalamia Printed in Sixteenth-Century Denmark", in Stefan Ekman et al. (eds.), Den litterära textens förändringar. Studier tillägnade Stina Hansson (Stockholm/Stehag: Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion, 2007), pp. 230-240.

*  "Jacobus Jacobaeus Volfius: Carmen in nuptias Jacobi VI Regis Scotiae et Annae (1589), Edited with a Study of the Autograph Sources", Humanistica Lovaniensia 50 (Leuven 2001), pp. 329-349. (E)

* "Four Autograph Poems by Jacobus Jasparus Danus (fl. 1529-1549) Discovered in the Vatican Library*, Analecta Romana Instituti Danici 27 (Rome 2001), pp. 151-160. (E)

* The articles on "Jacob Jespersen" and "Jacob Jacobsen Wolf", in John Chr. Jørgensen (ed.), Dansk Forfatterleksikon (Copenhagen: Gyldendal/Rosinante, 2001), pp. 224 and 496-497.

* "From Melanchthonism to Mannerism: The Development of the Neo-Latin Wedding Poem in 16th Century Denmark", in Chloe. Beihefte zum Daphnis 32 = Humanismus im Norden. Frühneuzeitliche Rezeption antiker Kultur und Literatur an Nord-und Ostsee, ed. by Thomas Haye (Amsterdam 2000), pp. 289-318. (E)

* "'Should One Marry?' On the Use of a Classical Rhetorical Theme in Early Lutheran Wedding Poetry", Classica et Mediaevalia 50 (Aarhus 1999), pp. 273-286. (E)

* "Peder Palladius' forord til Grammatica Latina in Usum Danicae Iuventutis Uniformitatis Causa (1552)", in M. S. Christensen et al. (eds.), Hvad tales her om? Festskrift til Johnny Christensen (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum, 1996), pp. 367-373. (E)

* "Latin Valedictory Poems of the 16th Century. Tradition and Topicality of a Classical Genre", in Minna Skafte Jensen (ed.), A History of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature (Odense 1995), pp. 203-218. (E)

* Nicolai Perotti, Cornu copiae seu linguae Latinae commentariae, vol. 5, text critical edition by J.-L. Charlet and P. Harsting (Sassoferrato 1995), 257 pages. (E)

* "Jacobus Jasparus (fl. 1529-1549): 'Homerulus noster Danicus'", in Jean Moss et al. (eds.) Acta Conventus Neolatini Hafniensis (Binghamton, NY 1994), pp. 465-476. (E)

* "Epitalami latini della riforma in Danimarca (1536-1590): Imitazione classica e rappresentazione luterana", Res publica litterarum 15 (Kansas 1992) and Studi Umanistici Piceni 12 (Sassoferrato 1992), pp. 97-106. (E)


(3) And on the problem of academic plagiarism:

* "40 Cases of Plagiarism", article researched and written together with Michael V. Dougherty (Ohio) and Russell L. Friedman (Leuven), published in Bulletin de philosophie médiévale 51:2009 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2010), pp. 350-391.

I also translate scholarly work and fiction (from Italian/English/Latin into Danish; from Swedish/Danish/Latin into English; and from Danish/Swedish into Dutch), for example:

* Umberto Eco, Kunsten at skrive speciale (Copenhagen: Akademisk Forlag, 1997), translated into Danish from the Italian (Come si fa una tesi di laurea) in collaboration with Lise G. Rasmussen.

* Translation into English of the Swedish scholarly and literary texts in Fadershuset, 1800-1900 [The House of the Father, 1800-1900] = Nordisk kvinnolitteraturhistoria [A History of Nordic Women's Literature], vol. 2. — The complete translation into English of volumes 1-5 of the History of Nordic Women's Literature was published on 8 March 2012, along with the original Danish and Swedish texts, in a free-access online version, commissioned and administered by the Danish research center Kvinfo.

* "De nieuwe kleren van de keizer, vertaald door Pernille Harsting (2012) vrij naar S. J. Andriessen (1895)", a translation into Dutch of Eva Sommestad Holten's Danish libretto, freely adapted from H. C. Andersen, for Bo Holten's mini opera Kejserens nye klæder. — The translation was used at the performance of the opera – by the Brussels Philharmonic, Vlaams Radio Koor, Jeugd en Muziek Brussel, and the soloists Gerd Henning Jensen and Guido Paevatalu – directed by Bo Holten in the concert hall of Flagey, Brussels, on 19 May 2012.


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