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Rhetorical Review
Vol. 1, no. 2 (October 2003)

Hans Carl Finsen
Die Rhetorik der Nation. Redestrategien im nationalen Diskurs
Tübingen: Attempto Verlag, 2001
197 pages (illustrations; bibliography)
ISBN: 3-89308-327-8
Price: €22.40 (43 SFR)
Reviewed by MATS MALM
pp. 1-6

Christian Høgel
Symeon Metaphrastes: Rewriting and Canonization
Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2002 
204 pages (appendix; bibliography)
ISBN: 87-7289-675-2
Price: €50 (340 DKR; $44; £32)
Reviewed by INGUNN LUNDE
pp. 7-9

Sari Kivistö
Creating Anti-Eloquence. Epistolae obscurorum virorum and the Humanist Polemics on Style
(Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum, vol. 118)
Helsinki: Societas Scientiarum Fennica, 2002
256 pages (bibliography; indices)
ISBN: 951-653-315-9
Price: €23.50
pp. 10-14

Alexandre Leupin:
Fiction and Incarnation. Rhetoric, Theology, and Literature in the Middle Ages
(Translated by David Laatsch. Original title: Fiction et incarnation: Littérature et théologie au moyen age, Paris: Flammarion, 1993)
Minneapolis/London: University of Minnesota Press, 2003
xxiv + 259 pages (index)
ISBN: 0-8166-3725-3
Price: $22.95
pp. 15-19

Richard Nate:
Wissenschaft und Literatur im England der frühen Neuzeit
(Figuren, vol. 9)
München: Wilhelm Fink, 2001 [Universität Essen, Habilitationsschrift, 1999]
362 pages (illustrations; appendix; bibliography; indices)
ISBN: 3-7705-3525-1
Price: €46.40
Reviewed by TINA SKOUEN
 pp. 20-24


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