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Rhetorical Review
Vol. 5, no. 2 (June 2007)

Pedro Martín Baños:
El arte epistolar en el Renacimiento europeo 1400-1600
(Serie Letras, vol. 37)
Bilbao: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Deusto, 2005
736 pages (appendices; bibliographies; indices)
ISBN: 84-7485-965-4
Price: €44
pp. 1-5

Laurent Pernot:
L'Ombre du tigre. Recherches sur la réception de Démosthène
Napoli: M. d'Auria editore, 2006
356 pages (bibliography; appendix; indices)
ISBN: 88-7092-260-X
Price: €80
Reviewed by CECIL W. WOOTEN
pp. 6-8

Catherine Steel:
Roman Oratory
(New surveys in the classics, 36)
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006
90 pages (bibliography; index)
ISBN: 0-521-687225
Price: £10.99; $19.99
Reviewed by BÉ BREIJ
pp. 9-11

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